International Sports Media Certifies Gambian Journalist Bah


By Kebba AF Touray

Gambian journalist Sulayman Bah has been certified after being classed as one of top-ten journalists from Africa under AIPS Best Writing Colour Piece recent awards category.

Association Internationale de la Press Sportive (AIPS) is an independent body of the International Sports Media, constituting 156 affiliate sports journalists’ associations worldwide.

Formed in Paris in 1924, the body was honouring shortlisted journos with the best works the past 12 months meticulously selected by an 11-member experienced international jury in its inaugural AIPS Sports Media Awards gala held recently in Switzerland.

A total 1,273 submissions from 119 countries were received from Asia, Oceania, Africa, America and Europe. The categories being vied for included Sport Action, Portfolio, Best Column, Best Writing Piece, Video Documentary, Video Athlete Profile and Journalistic Weblog.

Of the aforesaid number of applicants, the figure was further downsized following another thorough review by panelists.

Sports Editor of Foroyaa Newspaper doubling as Managing Editor of a multimedia African group, and a two-time award winner, Sulayman Bah made the overall top 20 under the Best Writing Piece category before making AIPS’ top-10 best for Africa following another revision.

Sulayman is the first ever Gambian journalist shortlisted this far by AIPS.