Saturday, April 1, 2023

Inter-Party Committee Should Now Rise Up To The Occasion


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Seventeen political parties are now registered and The IEC Chairman has said more are in the pipeline. In 2015 the administration pushed a Bill in the National Assembly which made it mandatory for a political organisation to pay 1 Million Dalasis and receive the endorsement of 10000 registered voters before it could be registered as a political party.

If the intention was to dissuade people from registering political parties, then the purpose has been defeated.

The challenges to the IEC have been highlighted by its Chairman. 17 Candidates in National Assembly elections for a Constituency would require 17 Ballot boxes painted with the colour of each candidate. Where will the ballot boxes be placed and how will the voters be able to distinguish each colour?

In the same vein, 34 Polling agents would have to be appointed and positioned in each polling station.

The Inter-party Committee should begin the conversation with the IEC on how to jointly conduct voter education on registration, objections to be heard by a revising court,   nomination, campaign and voting.

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The people must know what is at stake, then they will be ready to adopt the  most effective system to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.

IPC members could collaborate to monitor the registration exercise and  polling.

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