Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Insulting For Post In An Islamic Council


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A tormented young man came to the Foroyaa’s offices with tears bulging in his eyes begging that we should write to ask religious leaders to stop their followers from heaping insults on their rivals and thus offending the children and families of those they insult. He said those insulting other leaders are building hatred among families all of whom claim to be Muslims, thus creating the type of enmity that has led to the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen. He said all religious leaders are preaching for peace, but many are not asking their followers not to insult each other.

In our view, men and women of faith should compete on who could display more piousness and devotion to saying and doing better than the other.

The Constitution has made it very clear under Section 25 Subsection (1)(c) that men and women of faith in particular and all citizens at large should protect freedom of belief and worship.

It reads:

“Every person shall have the right to freedom to practise any religion and to manifest such practice.”

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