In GNPC Trial: Sira Wally Ndow, Two Others Apply Bail Again


By Rohey Jadama

The former Deputy Minster of Petroleum Mrs. Sira Wally Ndow Njai, Modou O.S Badjie   and Noah Touray former Secretary toSirra Wally Ndow Njie Cabinet has again applied for bail at the Special Criminal Division of the Banjul High court for the fifth time.

This was disclosed by lawyer Antouman Gaye counsel for Mrs. Ndow Njai and Lamin S. Camara counsel for Messer Badjie and Touray to Justice Otaba of the said court.

They further told the court that they have served   the prosecution   and the prosecution has also replied to the application. However, Lawyer Camara intimated to the court that he has not received any reply from the prosecution with respect to the application of   Noah Touray.

However, when Hadi  Saleh Barkun ,  the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)was asked how many days he needed to file his reply, he responded that he will file as soon as possible.

At this stage Lawyer   Chime Continued with the cross- examination of the first prosecution witness Mr. Bakary Darboe.

“In the process of your investigation did you come across the minutes of meetings held by the board of Directors of GNPC or did you ordinarily investigate the matter?” “I can’t remember coming across the minutes of the meeting”, responded the witness.

Chime said, “Were you informed that GNPC came together as a board to discuss the issue of importing petrol from anybody or persons?” Witness answered, “Yes my lord”.

“Mr. Darboe   were   you   provided with the minutes of the meeting held by the GNPC?” Witness answered, “No I can’t remember”.  Chime said, “I’m putting it to you that if you were not provided with the minutes of the Board of Directors then your investigation is   incomplete?”  He replied, “No that’s not correct”.

Chime noted, “I’m further putting   it to you that it is only through the minutes that you will know what transpires regarding the issue of importation of Petrol?” He replied, “No is not correct”. Chime remarked, “What do you mean is not correct can you tell the court?” Witness answered, “What I mean is that you can know the issues discuss at the meeting without the minutes?”

At this juncture the witness was asked by counsel Chime whether if he is showed the contract document he will recognize   it  ,  the witness responded in the positive. The said document was showed to the witness and he recognized it. Lawyer Chime applied to tender it as an exhibit. Without any objection from the DPP the court admitted it and marked it as defence exhibit 2.

The case was subsequently adjourned to 9 November, 2016 at 3-4pm for continuation of cross-examination of PW1.