Impending Fuel Scarcity in Kanifing Municipality?


By Sailu Bah Foroyaa was informed that there was scarcity of fuel in some filling stations in the Fuel Pump Prices IncreaseKanifing Municipality which prompted this reporter to go round yesterday, Tuesday, 3 March, 2015 to find out the veracity of the report. Visiting the filling stations of Galp in Churchill Town, Total at Buffer Zone as well as Elton at Latrikunda, it was confirmed that both petrol and diesel were not available. Speaking to a pump attendant at the Galp at Tallinding, she revealed that they have limited fuel in stock and when it is finished now there will be no replenishment as the supply is yet to arrive. She, however, assured that supply will be available soon. A taxi driver, who was at the station, also confirmed that there is no fuel at the different stations he has been to. “I’m lucky to find fuel here as I have been running around in search of it at other places,” said the exasperated driver. He added that he was going to fill up his tank and jerry can in case there is scarcity before the arrival of the next supply. The driver also lamented the frequent increases which he said affects their business. “I only hope that this scarcity is not a prelude to yet another fuel price increase as has always been the case,” he enquired. He also asked the attendant why fuel prices in countries such as neighbouring Senegal are reducing while that of the Gambia is always on the increase. “I don’t know why,” responded the attendant. In the Gambia in 2014 alone, the prices of both petrol and diesel (gasoil) have increased twice. The last hike was on 1st September 2014, when the price of petrol increased from D57. 52 to D58.52 per litre, and diesel from D54.09 to D55.09 per litre.]]>