Impasse In The Appointment Of Trade Minister And Uncertainty For Bakary Jammeh


The office of a Minister does not go with security of tenure. The President appoints and could terminate without giving any explanation. Those appointed for a specified period have limited security of tenure.

Hence, they could plan their lives and career options in a systematic way. The executive has appointed a person as trade Minister without getting his consent. This practice, if it is indeed the practice, should stop.  The executive should get consent before announcing any appointment.

It should in fact use the Gazette as the organ for publishing appointments to make them legal. The fact that the consent of the Governor was not sought has put the life of the appointed Governor and the appointed Minister to be in a state of doubt.

Is it fair for a person to wake up and go to work one day with confidence and certainty only to sit the next day without going to work because of being appointed to a post and withdrawn from another without one’s consent?

Would it not be prudent and just if the appointed Governor is consulted to enquire whether he would want to be deployed to the trade Ministry and have the withdrawn governor restored? Would that not be a win-win situation? It is for the executive and the stakeholders to decide. Foroyaa will record the developments.