Immigration Departments Collects 64 Million Revenue in 2023


By Mustapha Jallow 

The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) Monday, 5 June announced that it has collected Sixty-Four Million Dalasis (D64,000,000) as revenue fees from January to March 2023.  

The collection was made from fees like passports, national identity card, residence permits and entry visa among others.

“It is an impressive revenue performance. We were able to collect D64 million in a space of three months. This is massive and more than the total revenue collected by GID in our history. This means, we are poised to collecting more than the administrative revenue target that we have projected for the year 2023,’’ said Chief Superintendent Karanlang Jarju, the Officer in Charge for Statistic and Internal Audit for GID. 

Officer Jarju said the factors that contributed to the success includes to adherence to best financial practices and the public sensitisation for people to come forward and get documents.

Jarju said the administration has zero tolerance when it comes to corruption because they do constant internal audit exercises and follow ups countrywide, which he added was something helpful.

“We have improved in many ways. We have consolidated on all the gains that have been registered in the previous years under different administrations. For example, GID made over one hundred and thirty million dalasi in 2019, which was first of its kind. Since then, the trend continues,’’ says Jarju.