IEC Warns Party Agents Against Interference in Voter Registration Exercise


The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), has issued a press release dated 31st May 2021 warning party agents against interference during the voter registration exercise, by outlining their functions during the exercise.

Below is the full text of the Press Release from the IEC, signed by Chairperson Alieu Momarr Njai.

‘‘Following the commencement of the General Registration of Voters on 29th May 2021 which shall end on 11th July 2021, the IEC wishes to inform the general public that ONLY ONE PARTY AGENT from a Political Party is invited or allowed at a registration centre at any point in time.

‘‘Political party agents at registration centres are hereby warned to refrain from taking any voter’s card from people to write down the details of their cards.

‘‘Any information needed by a party agent on a registered voter should be collected from the Team Supervisor at an appropriate time.

‘‘A party agent is to observe and note down any observation on the voter registration for submission to his/her party. 

‘‘A party agent must not interfere, disrupt and obstruct the registration process. 

‘‘S/he must not also influence, induce, entice any applicant to register or coerce, threaten, intimidate and bar applicants from registration. 

The invitation to party agent is a privilege. The IEC has the prerogative to accept any agent or send away any agent from a registration centre.

Party agents at registration centres are hereby instructed to comply with IEC regulations, failure of which Team Supervisors will send them away from the registration centres.’’