IEC To Display 2021 Voters’ List Next Week


By Nelson Manneh 

Ahmadou Taal, the Information and Public Relation Affairs Officer of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), has Monday informed this medium that they will on Monday, 16th August 2021 display their voters’ registration list in each of the registration centres.

Taal made these remarks at the IEC headquarters in Bakau in an exclusive interview.

He said as of now, the commission has not advised the Ministry of Justice to establish the revising courts where voters should take their complaints or observations.

“We are yet to receive any complaint or observations regarding the general registration. I know this will come after we display the list of the registered voters,” he said.

Mr. Taal said the commission has already prepared and are striving to ensure that the voters whose details were taken by their registration officers on the last day of the registration process and whose cards were not issued to them received them. He said the establishment of the revising courts will be determined after they have displayed the registration list.

He further said the list will be published at each of the registration centres to ensure all those who have registered and their names are not captured can consult the IEC for action. 

Meanwhile, the IEC commenced the general registration of voter’s cards on the 29th May 2021 and ended on the 11th July 2021. The commission anticipated to register one million voters, but was able to register about nine hundred thousand voters.

To be qualified to be registered, the chairmen of the electoral commission said a person has to be a Gambian citizen and should be at least eighteen years old by the 14th December 2021 which is the date for the Presidential election.

The IEC under section 43 of the 1997 constitution of the Republic of the Gambia has the mandate to conduct voter registration and conduct all public elections.

It is against this backdrop that voter registration is conducted to register all eligible citizens so as to provide voters with the opportunity to exercise such constitutional rights.