IEC Registers 376,092


The Independent Electoral Commission has informed the nation that, after 19 days of registration of voters, 376,092 voters have already been registered.

If this trend continues one anticipates that the register of voters will contain about 890,000 voters. There is need for house-to-house campaign to inspire citizens who are eligible to vote to be registered to get their voters’ cards regardless whether they are to vote or not or their party affiliation.

The voter’s card is a manifestation of the sovereign power that a citizen possesses. A citizen without a voter’s card is a citizen in words and not in deed. A voter’s card enables a citizen to determine who will make policies for the country to address the need for employment, health services, educational services, roads, energy and all other public services.

It also empowers each citizen to determine who will make laws for the country. Similarly it enables each citizen to participate in elect councillors, mayors, mayoresses, chairpersons of councils who will be charged with the responsibility of providing markets, garages, play grounds, secondary roads, drainage, waste management, council low cost housing and other amenities.

If one does not have a voter’s card one would not be able to fully participate in determining who manages our national and local governments. Foroyaa is therefore calling on all citizens of The Gambia to go and get registered and convince one’s neighbours and friends to go and get registered.