IEC Issues 25 Nomination Forms for December Polls


By Yankuba Jallow

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chief Electoral Officer has informed Foroyaa that they have issued 25 nomination forms to prospective presidential candidates so far.

Samboujang Njie said 13 political parties and 12 independent candidates have collected the nomination forms for the December 2021 presidential elections.

The nomination is going to take seven days in which each political party and independent candidate is allocated a day and time to submit their papers. He said the nomination period is between 8 am to 4 am daily at the Election House.

Speaking further, Njie said all presidential aspirants would be allocated a time to present their nomination papers to the Returning Officer of the elections.

He explained that security arrangements will be put in place by the police to ensure a peaceful and orderly nomination period. Thus, he advised political parties and independent aspirants to fully cooperate with the police to ensure proper security.

He said the political parties that picked the forms were GFA, UDP, GMC, APP, ARND, GDC, CA, GANU, PDOIS, GAP, NPP, NUP and DP.

Also, the independent candidates who collected the nomination forms were; Joseph H. Joof, Marie Sock-Jobarteh, Alagie Mamadi Kurang, Mathew Gomez, Ebrima Tabora Manneh, Momodou Bah 1, Momodou Bah 2, Bankole Yao Jojo Ahadzie, Mamadi K.S. Camara, Essa Mbye Faal, Matar Nyang and Papa Faal.

Njie said on day one (Saturday, 30th October) of the nomination, 4 independent candidates are scheduled to present their credentials, while 3 independent candidates and 1 political party are scheduled for day 2 (Sunday, 31st October).

“On Monday 1st November, 4 political parties are scheduled to come. On Tuesday 2nd November, 2 political parties and 2 independent candidates are scheduled to come. On the 3rd November, 3 political parties are scheduled to come. On Thursday 4th November, 1 political party and 2 independent candidates are scheduled to come. And on Friday 5th November, 2 political parties and 1 independent candidate are scheduled to come,” Njie said.

Njie also informed Foroyaa that public scrutiny will be on the 6th November 2021, between 8 am to 12 noon.

He said on this day, all nomination papers will be displayed for public viewing and that no copying or taking of photos of any documents from the displayed candidates’ papers. He explained that people can be allowed to flip through the documents and the IEC will receive and decide on the observations or objections.

Meanwhile, The Gambia will be heading to the polls on the 4th December 2021. The IEC has concluded the voter registration and the final voter list has been confirmed.