IEC calls on stakeholders to obtain clearance for meetings


The Independent Electoral Commission has cautioned stakeholders in the political arena to seek clearance from it before holding rallies in their localities. A press release issued on Monday 14 November asserts thus: “….all stakeholders who wish to hold rallies within their regions, constituencies, wards, towns or villages should seek for permission and clearance from the IEC Regional Office within the Juridiction.” Hence the IEC has called on all regional, constituency and ward political rallies to cease immediately and for the organizers to seek clearance from it.

This press release does apply to the three presidential campaign teams whose itineraries have already got the blessing of the IEC.

According to the Elections Act the IEC takes charge of political meetings and procession during the campaign period which it has declared to be from 16 to 29 November 2016.

In the same press release the IEC again reminded all stake holders to be tolerant of each other so that we can have a peaceful election.