I-CARE Optics Limited Inaugurates Eye Clinic in Brikama


By Sariba Manneh

In its drive to bring eye care services to the doorstep of Gambians and non-Gambians alike, I-Care Optics Limited, has recently inaugurated an EYE Clinic in Brikama in West Coast Region.

According to the proprietor of I-Care, the aim of opening the Clinic is to provide affordable, quality and accessible eye care services to the people of Brikama and its surroundings.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr Muhammad Alam, the CEO of I-CARE OPTICS LTD, said I-CARE OPTICS is an Eye Clinic established on 15 June 2022 with the ultimate goal of providing efficient, accessible, and affordable eye care services and products for the public.

“One of our goals is to eliminate blindness in The Gambia and ensure the eyes of all are healthy. This clinic has professional ophthalmic, dispensing optician and contact lens practitioners,” he said.

According to Mr Alam, I- Care Optics has immensely contributed to the development of the Gambia by providing free eye examinations for people at Safideen, Senegambia, and The Gambia Prison Service (GPS) where several inmates at the State Central Prison Mile II were attended to and the same services were provided at the Gambia Immigration Department (GID).

“We provided free eye examinations and eye counseling to some retired government officials and old people who are financially weak. And also, as part of our social corporate responsibility, we have donated football gears to some football clubs in the Gambia. That gesture was part of our youth empowerment policy,” he added

Alam said on 13 September 2023, I-Care Optics will inaugurate another branch in Basse, the administrative region of the Upper River Region of the Gambia with the aim of ensuring accessibility and affordability of eye service to rural dwellers living in Basse and satellite villages.

He added that their intention is to provide more services in the country irrespective of geographical location.

Mrs Awa Njie Conteh, the Marketing Manager of I-Care Optics, said I-care Optics is an initiative that is geared towards improving the health of the Gambian people. Conteh added it is common knowledge that the majority of the Gambian population are dealing with Eye complications. I-Care is the encyclopedic remedy and the solution to every eye predicament, Conteh said.

“We have experts for different eye disorders and this is why our mission is to enhance a clear vision for everyone and to reduce blindness to its lowest peak in The Gambia,” she said.

According to her, optical I-Care as an institution deemed it necessary to decentralize the good and quality services they offer to a much wider range for easy access to quality eye care services for all Gambians.

The eye care services that I-Care Optics include eye care testing, refraction (both objective and subjective), retina-scope and ophthalmoscopy, auto fraction and NCT slit lamp examination, sun glass UV and polarised, and different types of lenses.

She added that the newly inaugurated Brikama branch will play an important role in facilitating easy access to their services to customers in Brikama.