How Will The National Assembly Monitor The 500 Million Dalasis Allocation To Fight COVID 19?



The readers should be aware of the relation between the budget executing or implementing authorities and the National Assembly.

The National Assembly is not only an approving authority for budgets, but has power of monitoring budget execution.

Standing order 94 state that

“ 1.The Vice President or a Minister with responsibility for Finance shall, at least once during each Session of the Assembly , make an oral Ministerial statement to the Assembly on the implementation and monitoring of the annual budget.

“2 .Nothing in the Standing Order shall prevent the Assembly Committees from executing their powers in relation to detailed scrutiny of the monitoring and implementation of the annual budget or of financial matters within their respective remits “

Hence the Public should be assured that a competent National Assembly would be able to hold the executive accountable in indicating the source and documenting how the 500 Million is spent.

The Health Committee of the National Assembly will therefore monitor in detail how the health budget is spent.