Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How will the Gambian people gain respect?


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Countries have to have instruments, institutions, governments, policies, plans, programmes comprising a system which could either bring about liberty, dignity and prosperity or enslavement, degradation and poverty.

The Gambian people in particular and the African people in general will never earn respect in the world unless they build the type of system that will ensure the liberty, dignity and prosperity of the people.

The Gambian President, in particular, and the leaders of African countries frequently expressed their dissatisfaction in the way the outside world treats Africa and the African peoples.

What each leader should ask himself or herself is what he or she is doing to ensure that the people being led are living in liberty, dignity and prosperity. This is the challenge of the 21st century. No one would have imagined that a Gambian leader and by extension an African leader would be talking about ethno-linguistic loyalties and conflicts after forty six years minus two of living in a republic.

The time has come for reassessment of whether we have truly become multi ethno-linguistic state with citizens who are above narrow ethno- linguistic differences. If we fail to grow above such differences, we will not make any significant progress towards building a prosperous country with a free and dignified people who enjoy all fundamental rights and are equal to all peoples in the world.

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