Thursday, May 26, 2022

How to become self sufficient in rice production


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A tidal irrigationrequirement of rice was estimated at 175,500 metric tons in 2008 while the total national production in 2008 was 24,895 metric tons milled, leaving a massive deficit of 150,605 metric tons. These figures reveal that in 2008 the tonnage of rice required was 7 times what was produced locally. Figures also show that the area of land under irrigated for rice cultivation is about 2000 hectares while to meet the requirement of rice in the country at least 20,000 hectares must be put under irrigation and that farmers must be assisted with affordable seeds, fertilizer, animal draught power, infrastructure like storage facilities, markets and agricultural financial services. In the absence of the above, Gambia will not attain self sufficiency in rice.  ]]>

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