How Does Government Intend To Settle The Land Problem?



Many Gambians who went directly to local authorities to acquire land suffered many disappointments as one property is sold to different buyers thus causing endless land disputes.

Many were pleased to be informed that real estate agencies will take over the sale of land after carrying out all the legal transactions that would lead to ownership free from disputes.

This hope is now being challenged. Hence Government and real estate companies need to reflect on the challenges and come up with solutions that would restore the hope that buyers once had in such companies. To stifle customer confidence is the fastest way to kill an enterprise.

Real estate agents should not cover up their challenges. The Association of Real Estate Companies (AREC) they form should be primarily interested in holding a seminar of stakeholders in order to review the challenges and formulate an action plan to address them.

They should also establish a code of ethics on how to conduct their businesses with integrity and fair play. In that way no one would accuse them of being swindlers.