How A Court Bailiff Arrests 2 Found with “Kush” Drug


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Kebba Ousainou Sowe, a court bailiff at the Kanifing Magistrate’s Court, apprehended two nationals of Sierra Leon allegedly in possession of prohibited drugs also known as “Kush”. The suspects were also caught with fake Two Hundred Dalasi notes.

On Friday, 23 February 2024 at around 12 pm, Kebba and his team were tasked with enforcing an eviction order issued by Magistrate E.J. Colley against Alie Kani in a case involving Saikouba Danso (represented by Aminata Suwareh) against Alie Kanu at a compound in New Jeshwang.

Kebba O. Sowe said in trying to execute the court order they went to the said compound. On arrival, they discovered that the Alie Kanu’s door was locked while he was inside the house and he refused to open it despite the repeated knocks.

Kebba said he instructed Abdoulie Dampha and Bakary Lowe to secure the premises by circling the compound. He stated that while they were positioned at the rear of the compound, Abass Kanu, one of the accused persons, threw a multi-coloured plastic bag containing suspected illegal drugs (kush) wrapped in transparent plastic bags. Abdoulie Dampha and Bakary Lowe retrieved the bag and requested Abass Kanu to open the door, which he complied with.

Sowe said they entered and commenced searching the room. He added that they saw plastic bags containing “Kush”, a crack-smoking pipe and counterfeit money totalling Four Thousand, Four Hundred Dalasi (D4,400). The money was in Two Hundred Dalasi notes placed under a mattress.

He said the two individuals were arrested and subsequently taken to the Kanifing Police Station. They were handed to Narcotic Officer NCA3 Lamin Manjang.

“In the presence of the team, the kush found in possession of the two accused individuals amounted to nine bags along with some additional quantity of suspected “Kush”,” Kebba said.

The case is still with the Drug Law Enforcement Agency. We are following the matter.