Home Digital FM/ King FM Radio still closed


By Louise Jobe

Home Digital FM in Brikama and King FM Radio at Tallinding KMC are still closed by The Gambia Police Force, who sealed the two stations. Their closure was effected on 26th January 2020, the day the ‘Three Years Jotna’ protest took place.

Since then, the two stations have ceased operations and their proprietors have been denied access to their offices. Pa Modou Bojang the proprietor of Home Digital FM said he still reports on bail at Wellingara Police Station. He is to report again on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

He also said whenever he reports on bail, the police do tell him to go till the following week which results to delays in their business.

Mr.Bojang also said that they are rallying behind the Gambia Press Union, who are advising and supporting them in this case.

He indicated that PURA have replied to the letter their lawyer wrote to them on the 3th February 2020, informing them that they (PURA) are not responsible for the closure of the two radio stations, nor did they direct anybody to do so. Under the Information and Communication Act, the responsibility to recommend the closure of a radio station falls within the mandate of PURA.

Mr. Bojang further explained that their lawyer also wrote a letter to the minister of information and communication infrastructure (the only person empowered by the Act to close a radio station), but the minister did not reply to the letter.

Mr. Gibril Jallow the proprietor of King FM said he and two other reporters of the station have been reporting every day at Old Yundum police station up till 18th February, 2020 when they were asked to report on 28th February 2020.

“Any time we reported at the police station, the station officer will contact the Brusubi Police Station who would ask us to go till the following day.”

Efforts to reach the Police PRO for comment was unsuccessful, but such efforts will continue today.