Tuesday, June 22, 2021

High Taxes on Domestic Businesses hinder their growth – says Young Gambian Entrepreneur


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By Nelson Manneh

Yusupha Jaiteh a young Gambian entrepreneur said high taxes levied by government is the reason why local businesses don’t grow.

Mr. Jaiteh is residing in Bundung. He ones contested in the past local government election in Bundung-Bohole Ward but couldn’t make it. He is currently serving as the coordinator of the councillors’ association in Bundung.

“I spent over D50,000 in establishing a local bakery in Bundung, but due to the heavy tax levied on my business, it could not yield any revenue for me,” he said.

He said the government should reduce the tax-levy on small businesses and support them by creating the enabling environment.

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“The stakeholders keep complaining that the youths are not ready to take responsibilities but they forget that they are not creating the environment for them to do so,” he argued.
The young entrepreneur said the government should not put the same tax charges on both the local and foreign investors.

“They should invest on the youths either directly or indirectly and make sure that they believe in them,” he said.

Mr. Jaiteh who also dilated on the ‘Three Years Jotna’ issue said African leaders are very slow to act and the Barrow government should wake up.

“The coalition government promised to be in power for three years, they should fulfil their promise,” he said.

Mr. Jaiteh said he is not in support of the protest that the young people are embarking on, noting that there are many other issues that the government is not handling and those are the things they should protest for.

“There are inadequate job opportunities in this country, this is what we the young people should consider because this is what is affecting their everyday lives and is one of the main contributing factors that lead to illegal migration,” he said.

He said he is supporting the three years’ agreement, but if President Barrow decides that he will not step down then Gambians should wait for the constitutional mandate of five years and vote him out.

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