Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hearing Continues In Koina Caste Case At Basse Magistrate Court.


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By: Lamin Fatty

Witnesses continue to testify before magistrate Omar Jabang of the Basse Magistrates Court on Wednesday 10th April 2019, in the recent Koina caste scuffle case.

During Wednesday’s trial, Inspector Sanyang appeared for the IGP while Lawyer Ibrima Kijera appeared for the accused persons. Bully Gumanneh, the sixth Prosecution Witness (PW6), appeared to testify.

Lawyer Kijera: ‘‘You are reminded that you are still under oath. What time did the said incident happen?’’

PW 6: ‘‘I can’t remember the time exactly but it was at night.’’

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Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Was there any light at the bantaba where the said incident was held?’’

PW 6 answered in the negative.

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Did the accused come to watch your meeting?’’

PW 6: ‘‘No. He came and wanted to pass by force, when we stopped him. He went back and mobilized his friends and they came to attack us.’’

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Who among you sustained injury?’’ PW 6 declined to answer.

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Did you stop him from passing the road?’’

PW 6: ‘‘There are many roads where he can pass, instead of through our meeting ground.’’

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Do you know no one should swear to the Qur’an and lie?’’ PW 6 answered in the positive.

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘If you say he came by force, did he knock any one?’’ PW 6 answered in negative.

Counsek Kijera: ‘‘I am putting it to that you were looking for trouble that was why you stopped him (accused person).’’

PW 6: ‘‘We did not stop him for the sake of trouble.’’

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘If there was no malice between you before, what led to the force between you and him?’’

PW 6: ‘‘We only told him to return and take another road which he refused. This led to him forcefully entering our meeting ground in order to pass.

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘Do you want this Court to believe that there was no insult, assault or abuse against the accused?’’

PW 6: ‘‘Because we denied him to pass that led to the push and pull.’’

Counsel Kijera: ‘‘I am telling you that, you provoked to beat him (accused person), before he escaped from you.’’

Lawyer Kijera: I am here applying for an adjournment for hearing to be continued with my other witness.

The case was adjourned to the 30th April 2019.

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