Health ministry to construct 13 rest areas along Trans-Gambia highway


By Nelson Manneh

Dr. Amadou Lamin Samateh, the Minister of Health, said on Monday ,13th September 2021, that the Government of The Gambia through his-led ministry will construct thirteen (13) rest areas along the Trans-Gambia highway.

“We want to make sure that whenever people are travelling along the Trans-Gambia corridor, they have rest rooms at their disposal. We have realized how difficult it is if you want to use a rest room and it is not available,” he said.

Minister Samateh said his-led ministry will also locate 11 ambulance sides along the highway to take care of road accidents and other emergencies.

“If we have all these things in place, they will boost the health sector. We want to make sure that emergencies around the highway and communities are taken care of,” he said.

The health minister said all the ambulances that will be situated in these places will be having first aid equipment in them in a bid to help health workers give patients first aid assistance before they reach the hospital.

“We all know how the health sector was, this government is striving hard to make sure that there is a good health care system and accessible to all,” he said.