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Health Minister Visits Amdalai Border As new cases of Covid19 confirmed in Senegal


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BY Fatoumatta K Jallow

The Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Lamin Samateh, on Tuesday March 3rd 2020, visited the Amdalai border to inspect and put in place health security measures, after the confirmation of new cases of Covid19 in neighboring Senegal.

The inspection and measures according to Officials of the Ministry, is geared towards screening people from the Senegalese side of the border in to the Gambia.

The health officials indicate that a big tank of water is put in place for people to have access to wash their hands; that due to the nature of the border it is open for people to come and go without any restriction, adding the Ministry has taken measures to make sure anybody who comes to the country is screened.

The health officials indicate all border entry points will be provided with tents where health workers can be checking everybody before they get access to the Gambian Immigration Officers for onward entry into the country.

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Dr. Samateh said the confirmation of the corona virus in Senegal concerns Gambian authorities because of the country’s proximity and neighborliness with them.

“We are glad that health officials at the border are doing well to make sure everyone from Senegal is checked and screened and we have also put in place mechanisms that everyone entering through the Gambian border is well screened,” he said.

Dr. Samateh said the Ministry of Health is doing a number of activities to make sure they enhance the country’s preparedness in dealing with the coronavirus and in informing the public about the virus and how they can protect themselves.

He urged that people should do away with rumors and listen to the Ministry because they will be continuously informing the public with the right information.

Dr. Samateh advised that for people to prevent themselves from the virus, they should wash their hands frequently and whenever they cough or sneeze, they should cover their mouths with tissue and discard it properly.

Sang Jarju, the Public Health Official said screening is going on well at the border and they have a tank of water where people can wash their hands; that an isolation centre has also been constructed to screen suspects and that the Ministry will also bring in extra materials to make their job easier.

He urged the people to make it easy for them and go through the due process of screening without hindrance especially visitors entering the country.

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