Have The Media And Human Rights Defenders Been Just To Kexx?


Kexx cannot interfere with his own case. No body had interest in politicising a matter which is yet to be linked to any political conspiracy. Only a lawyer could speak on his behalf. One would have thought that before the publication and wide dissemination of a statement without signature or seal the media and human rights defenders would ask whether Kexx has a Lawyer and speak to the counsel to get a balanced view. Justice holds that the underdog should always be given the benefit of the doubt. He or she should only be asked to subdue and repent if there is proof beyond doubt. The life of a human being is very delicate and those who add value to society should not be dumped in the dustbin overnight.

In the same vein those who try to defend victims by attacking the integrity of perceived political opponents are simply politicking about a police matter which requires neutrality and sobriety.