Has The Recent Disaster Received The Swift Attention Necessary?



The country is just lucky that the rains have stalled after the vengeance wrought by the recent storm. This has enabled those who lost their houses to try to make shelter before more rain comes.

Assistant package is urgent and necessary. Some victims have lost all the food they stored for the rest of the rainy season. They cannot purchase fertilizer and are in fact incapable of working on their farms. Some have lost donkeys and horses and would not be able to replace them so soon. A comprehensive assistance programme is necessary.

Foroyaa will begin to refer some of these victims to the social welfare department to see whether any social protection programme exists for them. In the meantime, Foroyaa will follow up statements of the NDMA at the national and regional levels to find out whether they are ready to give support to the people.

The whole nation should be alerted to an incident where a poisonous snake hid under the rubbles of a collapsed hut and bit the farmer as he tried to remove some of the wooden plank for his roof from the heap. He could not reach the health centre on time and died because of the venom of the snake. This is how fragile the lives of the people are. They need protection and urgently.