Has The National Assembly Dashed The Hopes Of The People Again On The State Of Emergency?



When the National Assembly members rejected the extension of the state of emergency, many people jubilated only to have it extended to 42 days after the National Assembly adjourned.

After additional declarations, it appears that the state of emergency is permanent. However, a statement was issued at the national Assembly calling on NAMs to support a motion to summon the Vice President. Before the motion was made and seconded to be put into effect, other NAMs spoke about impeachment and promised to move a motion to bring the President to the National Assembly. A promised was made that the motion will be made on Monday, but the member who promised left the Assembly without making the motion.

Now everything is stagnant again. Will the motion be made to bring the President to the National Assembly and will that happen? Let us hope that if that is not done, the motion to summon the Vice President will be moved. Playing to the gallery will only lead to setback in the National Assembly. The sooner this lesson is learnt the better.