Monday, August 2, 2021

Has any political party threatened to demonstrate to force Barrow down for the three year promise?


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Foroyaa has followed the speeches of the leaderships of the various political parties in the country. Not a single member of the leaderships of the political parties has threatened to use force to unseat President Barrow. Those who talk about demonstration link it to forces outside of their political parties.

It is therefore important for the media to continue to promote greater transparency regarding the positions of political parties on fundamental national issues. Speculation should no longer be entertained. Parties must tell the nation what they stand for and the public should pass their judgment on the basis of their pronouncements. Instead of predicting that there will be chaos and calling on political parties to meet to dissuade their supporters from demonstrating, people must first identify which sector of society is posing a threat. We should not just speculate.

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