Life is very difficult for many Gambians. Unemployment is rampant, forcing many Gambians to venture into the perilous irregular journey to Europe in search of greener pastures.

As it stands many small businesses are finding it extremely difficult to survive. Inflation is rampant and cost of living continues to rise. Covid-19 has had its toll, exacerbated by the reduction in remittances from Gambians in the Diaspora and the war in Ukraine.

To make matters worse the international community has withheld 30 million dollars worth of budget support so badly needed by the government to cushion its budget deficit. Import tax has gone down, thus lowering the earnings of the government and forcing it to cut down its budget.

Reliance on tax revenue and external aid has not worked. The fundamental way out is production to meet the needs of the people and export of the surplus. For the time being the people will continue to suffer and scarcity and high cost of living will be hunting them.