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Halifa Sallah Writes To Ousainou Darboe


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Ref : IP/1/13/1/2020/1                                                13TH January 2020

Mr Ousainou Darboe

UDP Party Leader

UDP Headquarters


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Dear Honourable Darboe,



Our attention has been drawn to an article published in the 13th January 2020 issue of The Voice Newspaper with the caption: “DARBOE ATTACKS PDOIS LEADERSHIP, DESCRIBES LEADERS AS PHONY POLITICIANS”

A careful review of the content does not reveal any quotation from you mentioning PDOIS by name or the name of any member of the PDOIS leadership.

Moreover, the content does not fit our brand of politics which is knowledge based and cannot be reconciled with any attempt to deceive anyone. Speaking the truth in good faith in the public interest is the cardinal principle that guides our conduct in our quest for any position of leadership in our home land.

Section 104 of the Elections Act categorically states:

“Subject to the provisions of this Part, political parties may be established to–

  • participate in the shaping of the political will of the people;
  • disseminate information of political ideas and on political, economic and social programmes of national character; and

(c ) sponsor candidates for public elections.”

Our party subscribes to the letter and spirit of the provision.

We strongly believe that the political platform should be utilised for the battle of ideas and policies between political parties on how to address the needs and aspirations of the electorate and should not be transformed into a theatre to wage a battle of insults, subterfuges and tirades aimed at negating the integrity of the political leaders in the country. This may be justified only in self defence against the politically uncouth and indecent.

Since we do not classify you among  such a category of political actors, we consider it wise, right and proper, to address this memorandum to you to inquire whether the journalist extracted what is alleged in the caption from any remarks you made, that are  specifically directed at PDOIS or any member of its leadership.

While anticipating your prompt response, please accept, dear compatriot, the assurances of our highest consideration and fraternal esteem.

Yours in the Service of the people,



Halifa Sallah

Secretary   General

Copied to: IPC

All Political Parties

The Media

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