On Friday 24th February 2023, during Peace Network’s Seminar in commemoration of Gambia’s 58th Independence, The Institute rolls out new Award designed to promote peace, security and unity in The Gambia. This initiative is called the National Peace Award. During his opening remarks Alasana Jallow (Justice) the CEO  said ‘the National Peace Award will be an annual Award which will identify or vote someone who has distinguish himself or herself in promoting and championing peacebuilding or peacemaking in the Gambia. The Peace Network brings this to promote competition in area of peacebuilng in The country. We believe that it is the business of all to campaign for sustainable peace and security. Therefore, this prestigious Award will attract many to be active peace ambassadors.

‘This Year, The Executives of Peace Network unanimously voted for Hon. Halifa Sallah to be Awarded The National Peace Award. Hon. Halifa is selected due to his instrumental role during the political impasse in 2016/2017. This is justifiable enough understanding and recalling how complex but fragile the peace and security situation were in The Gambia. Hon Sallah used appropriate steps with care and patience to manage the tense political situation, said the CEO.

Receiving The Award on behalf of Honorable Sallah, Hon. Fatou Sowe thanked Peace Network for dedicating the Award to Hon. Sallah. She extends the warm greeting and appreciation of Hon. Sallah to The Peace Network Team. 

Finally, it is important to note that Peace Network is incorporated in The Gambia as a nonprofit making company focused on mediation, research, peace and security education. This institute is established by scholars, administrators, diplomats, retired security personnel and instrumental peacebuilders renowned nationally and globally. The staff are experienced, exposed and professional.