Gunjur’s Oldest Man Departs for Eternity


By Hatab Nyang

Alhagie Sherrifo Touray who is said to be the oldest man in Gunjur, died on September 7 and was laid to rest the following day.

According to one of his grandchildren Habib Touray, their grandfather lived for 108 (hundred and eight) years before he met his untimely demise. He added that the deceased was a brother to the former Alkalo of Gunjur, Alhagie Sabaki Touray, and Alhagie Janko Solo Touray, who is said to be the only hunter who killed a tiger in the history of Gunjur.

Some mourners who spoke to this reporter at the funeral said the deceased ‘survived from his sweat’ throughout his life through gardening and farming. Others said he was always busy with his work at his farm, even at his old age.

According to the Imam Ratib of Gunjur Alhagie Lamin Touray, he always visited the old man to seek wisdom, prayers, and blessings before his demise. He said the deceased was among three brothers who farmed to pay for their trip to the holy pilgrimage in Mecca and said such people are rare gems in today’s generation.

The funeral of the centenarian, Alhagie Sherrifo Touray, was attended by hundreds of mourners and well-wishers from all over the country who paid their last respects to him.