Gunjur Ward Councilor says the reopening of fish meal factories is dangerous


By Hatab Nyang

Momodou Charreh Gibba, ward councillor of Gunjur said the Government should not have allowed the fishmeal factories to resume operation.

“The reopening of the Golden Lead Factory is a dangerous move by the Fisheries Ministry. Golden Lead attracts fishermen from the sub-region on a daily basis with no proper surveillance or health control mechanism. Hand washing has been virtually abandoned and social distancing is never adhered to,” the Councillor said in frustration.

In an exclusive interview with Foroyaa, Councillor Gibba said he is very much disappointed and discouraged with the situation at the Gunjur fish landing site.

“The Ministry of Fisheries is not serious and the health ministry through their emergency toll number also seemed powerless or are overcomed by the fisheries personnel,” Gibba said.

He said he made several calls to some health officials but each time he spoke to them, they promised to get back to him which they never did.

“I became totally discouraged and frustrated considering the volatility and the vulnerability of these landing sites,” he said.

He said the Gambia Government is not serious and they are not showing commitment in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 along the coastal fishing centres.

“It is indeed disappointing,” Councillor Gibba concluded.