Gunjur Ward Councillor Speaks On Achievements


By Hatab Nyang

Gunjur Ward Councillor Momodou Charreh Gibba, in a chat with this medium has explained some of his achievements. Mr Gibba became the Councillor of Gunjur Ward after winning on a UDP ticket. According to him, he secured a one million dalasi (D1,000,000) project from the Brikama Area Council to construct an Admission Block at Gunjur Sambuya Health Post and to rehabilitate the water system at Gunjur Misira amounting to two hundred and ninety nine thousand (D299,000). He said there was another rehabilitation on the water system in Gunjur Santanba, funded by the Brikama Area Council for one hundred and eighty-four thousand, two hundred (D184,200).

Further dwelling on the projects he has achieved for his Ward, Gibba said Gunjur electrification project (street lightening), service pick-up for the Police Post and a host of other projects, were all successful.