GTHI Celebrate International Hospitality Day


By Ndey Sowe

The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute (GTHI) on Wednesday May 18th 2022, celebrated International Hospitality Day at its office in Kanifing. The event was held under the theme: “going local is a game changer in today’s hospitality sector” and the international theme: “technology, a game-changer in the hospitality industry”.

The objective of the event is to dedicate one day in the year to the hospitality industry and celebrate, promote and educate in hospitality. This is the second time GTHI is celebrating the day and because of the Holy month of Ramadan, they could not celebrate the day on the 24th of April.

Hospitality is one of the most passionate industries, where guest satisfaction marks the pathway for quality and efficient service to ensure a “moment of truth” for a guest.

What is international hospitality and tourism?

The International Tourism and Hospitality Management program equips students with the tools, techniques, and concepts necessary to analyse the major influences affecting the international hospitality business environment, as well as a deep-rooted understanding of the issues currently shaping the international.

Peter Mendy, Head of Department Research and Consultancy, said the day is an initiative of the International Hospitality Council which is also an initiative of the International Institute of Tourism and Management (IITM) in India.

Mr Mendy explained that in 2021, GTHI participated in an international competition, which was a virtual event, where GTHI engaged with IITM. He said the day was celebrated for the first time in GTHI last year, and this year is the second time GTHI is celebrating the day.

Chef Saikou Bojang, President of The Gambia Chef Association, said going back to the local is what the hospitality sector needs as the food “we eat contributes to our health.”

Dawda Baldeh, the Registrar of GTHI who spoke on behalf of the Director of GHTI, emphasised the need to go local, while urging students in the sector to learn local dishes in addition to their international dishes.

This is the fourth-year celebration of the International Hospitality Day held on 24th April 2019, across India and the world by hoteliers and hospitality professionals.

Delighted to have a day dedicated to their passion and profession, hospitality professionals across the world celebrated the day with felicitations and discussions on the growth and changes of the business of hospitality.

International Hospitality Day was initiated in 2016 by the International Hospitality Council (IHC), London, and Dr. Suborno Bose, hospitality evangelist, Chief Mentor of International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) and CEO and Convenor of IHC, London.