Friday, December 3, 2021

GRTS Should Be National Assembly Focused


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The most important oversight institution in the country is the National Assembly. It has Committees capable of monitoring how the country is governed. It has members who could ask questions on any matter of national importance and get answers from the Ministers. It could pass bills and ratify International agreements which could serve the Sub-Region, the Continent and Humanity at large.

However, if GRTS does not give special coverage and initiate specific programmes to invite different political shades in the national Assembly to discuss issues of National importance the people will not know the significance of the Assembly. They will be kept in the dark.

It is important that for the people to know that they do not have to rely on rumours. They could raise the questions they want answered for the National Assembly members to pose them to get correct information. We hope the GRTS will rise up to its national mandate to inform the citizenry and focus on the institution that is responsible for accountability and transparency in state administration.

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