Gratitude, Much Affection Towards Cuban Health Professionals


Banjul, Dec 18th:-Moving words of praise received from the management of the Central Hospital of Banjul a group of members of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) who successfully concluded their mission in The Gambia.

In an act chaired by Dr. Ammar Al Jafari, director of the main healthcare center of this West African nation, health professionals from the largest of the Antilles were recognized and honored for their solidarity and commendable work of healing and saving lives .

Both Al Jafari, as well as his Gambian colleagues and those of other African nationalities present at the activity, thanked the work carried out by the members of the BMC who for more than three years provided their services at the aforementioned hospital.

Cuban doctors and graduates have a very high level, said Al Jafari, who asked to continue counting on them in the future.

For his part, the Caribbean island’s ambassador here, Rubén G. Abelenda, responded to his host that his government and people will never stop showing solidarity with The Gambia and Africa, even if the cruel blockade imposed by the US persists.

Likewise, this Friday, the Cuban health workers who finished their mission in this grateful small African country were distinguished in another emotional activity by the BMC leadership, headed by Dr. Juan Francisco Oquendo Montes, as well as by the diplomat Abelenda.