Friday, December 3, 2021

Grandmother of Three Seeks Financial Assistance


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By Nelson Manneh

Mariama Sanyang, a seventy-five year old woman residing in Nema Alkali of the West Coast Region, seeks financial support to educate her three grandchildren currently residing with her in her apartment where she is renting.

Speaking to this reporter in an interview on the 19th of September 2018, Mariama said she has been living with the children more than a year, since the demise of her daughter in 2017; that her daughter who is the mother of the three children, got pregnant and during her delivery, died just after she delivered the baby; that since then, the husband of her grandchildren got another wife and left to stay with the new wife.

“He was supporting us initially, but now I struggle to put food on the table on my own. I have a male son who is with his wife and children. He also supports us but cannot afford to do everything for us, since he is a family man,” she explained.

Mariama who was close to tears, said whenever Schools open and she sees other children around the vicinity going to School, she recalls the demise of her daughter and will weep in her heart.

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“I am renting on my own. I struggle to pay for the rent, cloth the children and feed them. With all this, I cannot afford to pay their School fees,” she said.

Mariama calls on all and sundry, to come to her aid, to help educate her grandchildren. Any Good Samaritan who wants to assist Mariama Sanyang, can reach her on the following numbers: 7509000 \ 6830936 or just call Foroyaa on: 4380885.

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