Wednesday, June 29, 2022

GRA Staff Authors New Book


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Dr. Seedy Drammeh, Acting Deputy Director HR & Admin at the Gambia Revenue Authority, has

Published a new book title, Rethinking Irregular Migration:  Causes, Course, Consequences and Corrective Measures.  It adds to previous 29 publications, making it 30 books. The book examines the causes of irregular migration with particular focus on the mass movement of Gambian youth and others from other parts of the world, crossing the dangerous Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea, to reaching the Europe. Investigation shows that poor economic and political situations in many developing countries, together with the uncontrollable unemployment rate among the youth, as well as insecurity, is the root causes of this precarious journey. Conversely, the book proposes good governance characterized by the equitable distribution of resources as the antidote to the plague that irregular migration has become, for the entire world.

Looking around the causes of irregular migration, you will know how the families of the poor would-be migrants are getting poorer, while their children embark on journeys in search of a better life. It is a fact that most people who embark on this dangerous journey through the “backway”, either sold their lands, animals or even jewelry of their parents. It is sad that among the factors that forces young men and women to embark on the perilous journey, was lack of job opportunities in their countries. Africa has the fastest growing population and young people form the largest percentage of the population. Most of these youth have completed secondary and tertiary education but remain unemployed. And because they cannot get employment, they are forced to embark on this dangerous journey, in search of a better life.

While the book urges young people to stay away from embarking on the dangerous journey, the author urges African society to change their view of the poor, to enable everyone live in dignity. It is a fact that poor people are despised in their communities, while people with wealth are respected and listened to.

The author thanked the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for standing by migrants around the world, and for speaking on behalf of vulnerable people who are in search of their economic well-being, development and protection. He also thanked Amnesty International for advocating for the freedom of people.

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‘‘My profound appreciation goes to the Diplomatic and Consular Corp. in The Gambia, for providing support towards the evacuation process of the migrant returnees, and working with Government to ensure that the returnees from Libya, were accorded dignity,’’ he concludes.

The book is available at Timbooktu bookshop in Bakau and with the Author, where you can get a copy.

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