Gov’t Owes Over 5 Million Dalasi to Farmers in Upper Niumi


By Assan Bah

With the groundnut trade season approaching its apex, the government recently announced its settlement of all arrears with farmers through an additional sum of Five hundred Million Dalasi (D500, 000, 000).

However, Foroyaa has been reliably informed that in Fass Omar Saho buying point (secco) in the Upper Niumi District, farmers continue to express concerns over their unpaid monies.

Mr Mod Secka Jah, the President of the said ‘secco, said the government recently gave them money which they used to settle the debts with the farmers whose groundnuts were taken on credit but said they still owe farmers over five million Dalasi.

“We are currently owing farmers five million and four hundred thousand Dalasi,” he added.  

When asked if they have informed the Gambia Groundnut Corporation (GGC) of their debts he said, “Yes, we are in contact with them, they even took the list the last time they came, but they did not tell us when they will provide the cash.”

A farmer, who credited his groundnut to the said secco, said he is concerned if his debt will be settled anytime soon.

“I took my groundnuts there for a long time but the only information I got from the secco is, they will come, but we never see them, which is worrying. We even heard that most of the buying points in our area have settled their debts,” he said

Meanwhile, efforts were made to get comments from both GGC and AGIB Bank, but they couldn’t be reached.