Government Welcomes Al Ula Peace Declaration Among GCC Member States


The Government of The Gambia has in a press release issued on Friday 8th January 2020, welcomed the signing of the Al Ula Declaration which brought about the much-awaited reconciliation and reunion of brotherly countries in the Gulf Region.

According to the press release, the Declaration was signed on 5th January 2021 during the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit held in Al Ula, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; That it is the wish of The Government of The Gambia that the signed Al Ula Declaration will heal the rift and consolidate fraternity and solidarity, which will yield stability in the Gulf Region.

The release continued that the Government of The Gambia believes that the development will offer the brothers the opportunity to jointly face and surmount their challenges for a better future.

The release concludes that the Government of The Gambia therefore seized the opportunity to commend all member States of the GCC for their commitment, efforts and role played in resolving the crisis, to bring about normalcy to the Gulf Region.