Saturday, May 21, 2022

GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON FLOOD VICTIMS Five deaths, 8000 people affected


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The Gambia Government yesterday issued an urgent press release on humanitarian assistance to flood victims countrywide.


According to the statement “The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has conducted a rapid assessment of the affected communities, which reveals over eight thousand people affected, including five deaths, massive internal displacement of several communities, damaged public and private properties, including a bridge, as well as submerged farm lands. It has also identified the need for urgent humanitarian support, including food and non-food items and possibly preventive medical supplies for possible outbreak of post-flood diseases.”

The statement did say that “Government has since mobilized some support” though it did not say what support and from where. It has however promised to “continue to explore increased support from local partners in order to adequately respond to the plight of the affected communities.”

The NDMA and the government are updated by the relevant regional authorities and disaster regional and district committees on the situation on the ground.

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The government has also promised that cabinet ministers and diplomats will visit some of the seriously affected communities.

Though the NDMA will continue with its rapid assessment exercise in all regions, a nationwide comprehensive and joint assessment by NDMA and stakeholders, including the UN system, private sector, NGOs and CBOs will follow.

The Government reassured “the affected communities of its commitment to provide them with the needed humanitarian support, while also exploring lasting solutions to prevent the recurrence of such disasters.”

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