A press briefing attended by the Chief of Defence Staff, the Director General of the State Intelligence Service and the Deputy Inspector General of Police was aimed at informing the media on developments pertaining to the alleged coup plot.

Foroyaa attended the press briefing with a view to gathering more evidence on the alleged coup plot.

Three stages in evidence gathering are significant in determining a real coup as opposed to an adventure. In our view a real coup plot would have to show the involvement of members of key security encampment and their civilian aiders and abettors exchanging views on their intention to carry out a coup. Those intentions must further be seen to be translated into an operational plan that would have to be backed by evidence showing the key persons who would take over command and the date of execution.

A coup plot becomes fully mature when the operational plan is executed. A coup plot fails when the execution fails.

The National Security Adviser informed the media that there is evidence of a plan to use the navy to take over state house, Fajara Barracks and other battalions across the country, Denton Bridge, Bund Road, Arch 22and installations such as NAWEC Power Station at Kotu, Radio Stations, the Abuko Earth Station, the Airport and to seal off the ECOMIG troops. All armed forces personnel of the rank of major and above were to be retired.

This information is what the media is to convey to the public.

He also added that there is civilian collaboration.

The information provided so far is pointed at the involvement of individuals in the security apparatus but has not shown information on civilians. So far there is no sign of any disloyalty or instability of a structural type. All command and control structures of the security forces are intact and are unshaken by the reports of a coup plot. How the plot was to dismantle structures and win the support of men and women is a subject to be considered.

It is significant to focus on evidence regarding a coup plot and attention should be paid to security sector reform and providing the men and women in uniform an environment conducive to their force. The government must also not show any seed of mistrust for those who have displayed no disloyalty to the service of defending country and people.

We will continue to follow the evidence gathered by the investigators.