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GMC Party holds National Delegates’ Congress in Nyakoi Wulli West


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BY Lamin Fatty

The Gambia Moral Congress on Saturday 28th December 2019 held their third National delegates’ congress in Madina Koto Wulli West.

Speaking at the congress the party leader of GMC Ahmed Mai Fatty highlighted the party’s principles and policies to delegates and observers. He said the basic principles of the party are morality, self-love and love for the country, promotion of cordial relationship within the country and others outside country.

“GMC knows that politics without morals, truth and fair play always creates chaos and we have seen these signs from some other parties. Politics has bad reputation now-a-days because politicians never tell people the truth, they never keep to their promises, they are corrupt, they steal, they are self-interested. This is why people don’t respect politicians and politics as a career,” Mai Fatty said.

He said GMC sees that a country cannot go forward without politics but the political system the Gambia is very dirty.

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“We cannot change this country to something better if we don’t change the ways of politics, because the political system the Gambia is very dirty. We must change from dirty politics to clean politics by telling the people the truth, keeping and fulfilling our promises to citizens. Hence people would admire the political system in the country. Then the behaviours of citizens would change and we can change this country as well, this is the fight of GMC,” said Mr Fatty.

Mr Alhamudou Conteh, a former GMC National Assembly candidate for Wulli East, called on party members to maintain morality and desist themselves from insulting other political leaders and their followers.

“I am urging all GMC party militants, sympathizers and supporters to desist from doing what is going on now in the politics of The Gambia (insulting political leaders). Because we don’t want anybody to insult our leader therefore, we must not insult any political leader,” Honourable Conteh recommends.

Other speakers include Mahadi Keita GMC constituency Chairman Wulli East, Tidda Kijera GMC national women mobilizer and Amadou Sisawo Diaspora president all called on the people Wulli to join GMC, which they say is the only party that bring development in this country.

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