GID Inaugurates New Immigration Post in Abuko   


By Nelson Manneh 

The Gambia Immigration Department (GID), on Friday, 15 September inaugurated a new immigration post in Abuko, in the Kanifing Municipality.

The building of the newly inaugurated immigration post, according to stakeholders, was fully funded by the government of the Gambia from the national budget. They also indicated that there is another new immigration post in Wassu in the North Bank of the Central River Region, funded by the government and ready for inauguration. 

In his speech at the ceremony, Commissioner Ebriama Mboob of GID said the project, and many of its kind is part of the implementation process of GID’s SP 2019 to 2024 specifically on Goal 8, i.e. the construction and renovation of immigration offices. 

“This is among many testimonies that the Ministry of Interior is enhancing the implementation of the SSR agenda. Consequently, and by reason of the enduring commitment to meet the operational needs of the department, the GID has come up with plans to build a station here in order to smoothen and better its operations in the Kanifing Municipality,” he said, noting that the space where the Immigration’s new post is built was provided by Gamtel. 

“We commend Gamtel for their good gesture in granting us the space to build our new post, and we hold you dear as partners in nation-building. Without their enthusiasm, support and efforts, this project would not have been achieved so successfully,” the commissioner added.

He said the people of Abuko should take ownership of the post as they are now provided with an identification and documentation processing centre. 

“We urge all around and about to ensure good partnership, collaboration and sustained security and safety for our personnel in the area,” he told residents.

Kebba Nfally Darboe, Principal Secretary from the Ministry of the Interior who represented his Minister, said the newly inaugurated post is an important milestone that will enable the Gambia Immigration Department (GID) to expand its services, as people require their services throughout the country, particularly the municipal community. 

“Today, we see the grand opening of a new office structure with facilities and a much-improved working environment for staff. This move is not only meant to strengthen our strong and positive working relationship but to solidify national and regional efforts in the cause of contributing to the Security Sector governance policy of the Government of the Gambia,” he said. 

Darboe said the Ministry of Interior will not relent in its commitment as a ministry, to ensure that democratic governance through technical guidance and advisory assistance, is sustained for efficient service delivery. He argued that money can improve the physical environment of an institution, but it cannot buy the vision and passion that guide its development, which he said compels him to crave the indulgence of staff to exercise due diligence in their work.