Geerapper Gibou Bala Gaye commonly called Gee, and Senegalese super star Viviane Ndure. The song according to Gee is already produced and they are just waiting for a date to release it officially. When this reporter asked Gee how he feels about his collaboration with one of Senegal’s finest singers, Gee said: “I remember as a kid how I was so much in love with this artist, her voice and her songs just do it for me. This was why before I even thought of becoming an artist myself. I attended countless shows and would dance so hard to her music; so for her voice to be on my album, it’s something I really appreciate and it’s a dream come true for me. Sarkordie had her on a song , so did Busta Rhymes and Movado. I spent the whole of last night listening to her sweet voice on my song. Thanks for making this possible; Surra Susso, musical genius did very well in that song with the Kora.” The song is produced by Sun Land Music.]]>