Get Vaccinated Now


The astrazeneca and the sinopharm vaccines require two doses to be taken unlike Johnson and Johnson which requires only one dose. This makes the task of vaccination easier with Johnson and Johnson.

Covid-19 is real and can be devastating. Be vaccinated right away. Don’t postpone it for the next day. The life you save may be yours or your family, or your friend. Without vaccination you run a greater risk of being infected or more seriously ill or spreading the virus. As for those who claim that there is no need for the vaccine because they have developed immunity, they need to know that the immunity provided by the vaccine far exceeds the immunity they develop naturally.

For those who have taken only one dose of astrazeneca or sinopharm the advice is to take the second dose and strengthen their immunity without delay. Don’t play with your life.

The health ministry has said that they have started a street by street covid-19 vaccination campaign, focusing on Banjul, Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Regions where the population is concentrated. Find out when they will be at your doorstep and take your dose.

Furthermore, don’t forget your face masks especially in crowded places indoors. With your facemasks you can minimize the spread of the virus.

Remember! We are all obliged to keep Gambia safe for the common good.