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General Registration Means New Voters’ Cards For All


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Many voters have asked Foroyaa whether the current voter’s card would be valid after the general registration of voters scheduled for May 29th to July 15th 2021.

Voters should know that there are two types of registration. There is general registration and there is supplementary registration.

When a notice is given that general registration is to be held the cards of all voters become invalid upon the commencement of registration. Hence everyone who is entitled to be registered as voters would have to get new cards.

On the other hand, supplementary registration of voters is meant for those who do not possess voters’ cards after general registration had already been conducted.

It is important for all eligible voters to take note that the IEC has announced that general registration is to take place from 29th May 2021 to 11th July 2021.

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Section 16 of the Elections Act states:

“(1) Where the Commission makes a declaration under section 14 to carry out a general or supplementary registration of voters, it shall cause to be published a Notice in the form prescribed in Form 1 of the Third Schedule requiring all persons who claim to be entitled to be registered as voters to present themselves at the designated registration centres.

“(2) The Notice referred to in subsection (1) shall in the case of–

(a)    a general registration, be published not less than thirty days before the date of registration; and

(b)     a supplementary registration, be published not less than fifteen days before the date of registration.”

Since the IEC aims to hold general registration this is why it has issued a notice in advance which is more than 30 days required for general registration.

The notice reads:

“All eligible voters should be ready to go to the registration centre with the documents mentioned by the IEC to get registered. Do no wait until the last day to get your valid documents for registration.”

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