General Muhammed Buhari wins Nigeria Elections


Sarjo Camara Singateh Reporting  from Nigeria General Muhammed Buhari, the presidential candidate of the opposition APC, has Buharydefeated the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling PDP in the first round of voting held over the weekend. This is the first time in Nigeria that an opposition candidate has defeated a sitting president in a democratic election and the fourth time that General Buhari has been contesting as presidential candidate after losing to the PDP in the first two. Goodluck Jonathan congratulates Buhari for his 2015 presidential Elections Victory. Below are the results released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).     APC                                                    PDP Kaduna states       1,127,760                                                     484,085 Kogi     ”                   264,851                                                     149,987 Kanu   ”                 1,903,999                                                    215,779 Katisina                   1,345,441                                                     99,937 Jigawa                         885,988                                                   142,902 Abia                              13,394                                                   368,303 Anambara                     17,926                                                     660,762 Kwara                         302,146                                                      132,602 Ekwa Ibom                   58,411                                                       983,304 Imo                               133,253                                                     559,185 Plateau                        429,140                                                       549,615 Ebonyi                           19,518                                                         323,653 Niger                           657,678                                                        149,222 Lagos                           792,460                                                       632,327 Bayesa                             5,194                                                         361,209 Gombe                        361,245                                                           96,873 Cross river                       28,368                                                       414,863 River state                       69,238                                                      1,487,075 Zamfara                         612,202                                                         144,833 Kebbi                             567,883                                                         100,972 Benue                             373,961                                                           303,737 Bauchi                             931,598                                                             86,085 Yobi                                446,265                                                             25,526 Adamawa                         374,701                                                             251,664 Sokoto                             671,926                                                            152,199 Taraba                             261,326                                                             310,806 Edo                                   208,469                                                              286,896 Delta                                   48,910                                                             1,211,405   The pending state is the Borno state and after INEC announced these states tabulated it was indicated that still Buhari has a margin of more than 2 million plus, which analysts suggest, Jonathan cannot make with only one state. In the history of Nigeria, Jonathan is the first president who was removed through the ballot box and had also called to congratulate his opponent before counting is over officially. Earlier on Monday, the ECOWAS head of mission, John Kufour, and his counterpart, the head of the Commonwealth mission, called Jonathan to emphasise that the politicians have to see Nigeria before anyone else and that he should accept the results whatever the outcome may be to maintain peace. Former Nigerian head of state, Abdul Salam Abubacarr, also convened another peace accord between Buhari and Jonathan as the leading candidates.]]>

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