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GDC deputy leader hopeful coalition talks will bear fruit


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By Kebba Jeffang

Yusupha Jaiteh, the deputy party leader of Gambia Democratic Party (GDC), has expressed the hope that the ongoing discussion among the presidential candidates in the opposition for the selection of one flag bearer to contest with the incumbent in the 1 December 2016 election will bear fruit and that his party is committed to the talks.The GDC deputy party leader was speaking to this reporter in an interview held in Manjai Kunda on Friday, 30th September, 2016.

“These talks are providing the right thing because it is about building a consensus. Building that consensus will work towards making the serious decisions in selecting the rightful candidate. People and party leaders will have to understand the necessity for it and in every selection there are ways and means to go by. So I think the way it has started will bear fruit. This has been the best approach among other approaches in bringing parties together. It is about let’s come together and build a consensus,” said the GDC deputy leader.

Mr. Jaiteh said he is hopeful that everything will bear fruit depending on what right thing is put in place.

Asked on whether his representation as deputy leader carries weight in terms of taking decisions on behalf of his party, Mr. Jaiteh said the meeting is about building a consensus which is not the final decision and as such the deputy can attend. He added that the outcome of the talks will be subjected to a review by their party executive.

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“Building up doesn’t mean that leaders must be here to decide. If you are building up something you don’t need the leaders around; it can be representatives or anybody and after building up a structure at the final torches leaders can come and decide on which one and who. Consensus doesn’t mean a final decision making. The leaders have to come on the final day to see whether what we have built up is fine or not but at the moment anything we are discussing is subjected to further review by the leaders,” he said.

Mr. Jaiteh said he has spoken to Mamma Kandeh, the presidential candidate of GDC, who is willing to cut his trip short in order to take part in the next session on Wednesday, 5 October, 2016.

“Hopefully he will be coming and he is committed to the discussion.”

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