GAMCEL Subscribers Experiencing Frequent Network Failure PRO Explains


By Fatoumatta K. Jallow
Foroyaa has been receiving complaints from customers of the Gamcel GSM
provider that they are unable to make calls with their mobile phones
but are receiving calls. According to some of them, this network
failure that they have been experiencing frequently has started since
last Thursday and comes intermittently.
Musa Jaiteh, a Gamcel subscriber, said Gamcel is his only GSM service provider as
he uses one number and that any problem with the network would mean
the lack of communication with others. He called on the management to
make every effort to fix the problem as soon as possible to enable him
to resume his normal communications with others without hitches. “I
don’t know what the problem is but they should try and address it,” he
Another Gamcel subscriber, IsatouJallow, also said that she is
experiencing a similar problem with her Gamcel line. “I can receive
calls but cannot make one and this problem I experienced comes
intermittently,” she confirmed.
She also called on the service provider to restore the network to normalcy.
When approached to respond to the complaints, Mr. Abdoulie Bass,
Gamcel PRO, admitted that they are having a technical problem which is
why some subscribers are losing network but urged for more patience
as the problem is being fixed.
“We are really working on it to make sure that everybody is happy and
that we are sorry for the inconvenience it causes to our subscribers,”
said the PRO.
Mr. Bass said this is a network issue and they are trying their best
to ensure that the problem is addressed as soon as possible.